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"We are really enjoying our new living spaces.  You did a great job; it's made a big difference in the way we feel being here.  Thanks!"
- Ruth B.

"You Tina and Greg, Greg and Tina are the absolute best at having guided and assisted me through the process of eliminating 60% of what I didn’t want or need; and sorting and categorizing what I did want for my new, easier day-to-day existence.  It was an amazing whirlwind of non-stop productive activity we handled in such a short amount of time.  And I am ecstatic with what we accomplished together in each room here of my cabin and garage.  It’s absolutely marvelous to now live with only what I truly use."
-  Zia S.

"Absolutely amazing! I can't thank Tina and Greg enough. I can actually find things now. I have added one to one and a half productive hours to my work day since we tackled my office."
- Scott A., Owner Automated Advantage Mailing Solutions

"You guys are so awesome!  Thank you so much for making my work world more manageable!  We are extremely pleased with the result of your expertise.  I will sing your praises to anyone I find that could benefit from your service. 
The pictures say it all :-)"
- Yvette S.

"Greg and Tina are truly gifted in the art of organization. They helped make my tiny kitchen workable, and the pantries accessible. They are both creative and efficient and worth every penny."
- Shelly T.

"Tina and Greg are a God-send! They succeeded in finding a home for all the little things I had left to put away after I had basically gotten moved into my new house. It would have never happened without them."
- Janet S.

"I was thrilled that Tina could include me into her busy schedule. Our two drawer file cabinet was a disaster with sticky notes as labels. Now my husband and I are able to locate information quicker and easier with professional file labels that Tina installed. She showed me how I could consolidate several files into one which allowed more space in the drawers. Your work was worth every penny. Thank you Tina."
- Anita V.

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Tina and Greg Staffon
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